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Ben is moved! - Trent the Uncatchable — LiveJournal

Trent the Uncatchable
Date: 2015-03-04 12:37
Subject: Ben is moved!
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Music:John Lennon: Stand By Me
On Saturday, Ben moved. It was sort of chaotic and involved lots of 'you go here and I'll go there and we'll meet at this place', but it got done. He is now in his own apartment with most of his own stuff. (He still has some things at our place, but he's mostly moved.) I have brought in the old couch and bookcases, but we've left his bed up for the time being just in case; the goal is to replace that with a different couch (a fold-out single or twin) and to replace the old couch with a sectional. Or something. I spent Sunday cleaning and running errands - Ben and I went to Sam's Club for supplies, for instance. (He bought a mandoline after we watched an in-store demo; it comes with knives and a grater and a peeler and other tools and appears to be a good deal even if he never uses the mandoline itself.)

On Monday night I caught up on tv, then tried fixing the dripping bathroom faucet and discovered that part of it was stripped. Last night I shoveled the driveway, then watched a seven minute you-tube video about how to fix the problem; after I ran out to the hardware store I had the parts and the knowledge I needed.

So. It turns out that we have no water shut-off valve for the bathroom plumbing except for the toilet. I had to turn off the water for the house, which is behind the removable wall. But I can't leave the wall off because the cats would then have access to the space between the walls, and - like wolves - you don't want cats in the walls. So, I turned off the water in the basement, went upstairs, messed with the faucet, got Laura (who was on a facetime call with Ben) to watch the faucet, went back downstairs, turned the water on, and listened to the screaming. Turned off the water and went back upstairs. Apparently I had forgotten to tighten a bolt, so the whole faucet handle blew off and sprayed water everywhere. Oops. A quick cleanup later, and some more tinkering, and now everything's fine and the sink is working.

Tonight is a meeting at the theater. Tomorrow night is fighting. Friday night Carol and I and maybe Laura will go see Cold. We have nothing planned on Saturday or Sunday (that I can see on the calendar), so probably projects. Maybe scanning books - we're trying out libib to track books, CDs, and DVDs; I envision putting on a tv show or movie and going through boxes, drawers, and shelves. Whee!

Right. Lunchtime. End of line.
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User: mizkit
Date: 2015-03-04 21:11 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Wow! The house is yours! Congratulations to Ben! And you. :)
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