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Tell Them The Cats, And We're A Long Time Gone - Trent the Uncatchable — LiveJournal

Trent the Uncatchable
Date: 2015-04-02 16:02
Subject: Tell Them The Cats, And We're A Long Time Gone
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Music:Cats Laughing
It's been a month of hecticness. Lots to say, no brain with which to say it.

Tomorrow I'm going to MiniCon. The last one I attended was MiniCon 33, some 17 years ago. (I know because I have mugs from it 'cause I volunteered and that was my reward.) I'm going specifically to see a reunion performance by Cats Laughing. And that is awesome. (You can watch too, I think: https://www.concertwindow.com/86685-cats-laughing)

After that, home. And then to a non-SCA youth boffer gathering. And then home. And then sleeping. And Easter.

Next weekend, Coronation. The next weekend, THACO. The next weekend, tech for Devilish Children. The next weekend, maybe a fighter's practice and youth boffer thing. The next weekend, Crown. The next weekend, maybe Cincinnati. The next weekend, rehearsal and tech for Menotti's The Telephone and Beeson's Hello Out There, as performed by Chicago Theatre-Opera. The next weekend, performances for the same and possibly Mermaids. The next weekend, more performances and Castle Fever. Then Border Skirmish, then a couple weeks, then Faire.

Right. Back to work. See how the sparrow flies, and end of line.
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