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Minneapolis is nice this time of year - Trent the Uncatchable — LiveJournal

Trent the Uncatchable
Date: 2015-04-16 16:24
Subject: Minneapolis is nice this time of year
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Too many late nights in a row, what with having too much fun and new games and work keeping me up until all hours of the night. Now I'm tired, and my eyes hurt.

Two weeks ago I went to Minneapolis for MiniCon and the Cats Laughing concert. It was amazing. I rode the adrenaline high most of the way home, then went to a few hours of a youth combat outing. Then home. And on Easter I mostly rested.

Last weekend I stepped into a new role in the SCA - that of Kingdom Webminister. I'm now responsible for the Northshield website and some of its satellite components. (There are things which are *perceived* to be in my realm of influence which *aren't* - for instance, I don't have anything to do with the Kingdom email list - but other things that are.) The process of stepping up required that I be in the Twin Cities again, which I did with a *gasp* Friday night drive and stay in a hotel. I came home after the event, though, so that I could work in the theater on Sunday. As a result of having many meetings I missed my chance to fight - but I still ran the fighting for the kids in the afternoon.

This weekend is THACO (a fighting event). I'd really like to go, since I keep missing opportunities to fight; it is, of course, in the Cities again. (Three weeks in a row. I might as well get an apartment.) And more theater work. Next weekend is the real tech weekend.

Shorter term, tonight is fighter's practice (locally). Tomorrow night I either drive to Mpls, go to bed early so I can get up early and drive to Mpls, or stay up and *don't* go to Mpls. Saturday would then either be fighting or theater, and Sunday would be up in the air as well. Next Tuesday is Curia, Wednesday is fighting in Chicago, Thursday is fighting in Milwaukee.

Okay, I'm getting tired looking at my schedule. Tired, I say. End of line.
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