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The return of music - Trent the Uncatchable — LiveJournal

Trent the Uncatchable
Date: 2015-06-23 09:10
Subject: The return of music
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Music:Not yet but soon!
My big iPod (160GB), which I won at a trade show in 2007, bit the dust. (It might be recoverable. I haven't had the energy to find out.) I've been using it as a source of music at work for years and years - every day I would come in to work, pull the iPod out of my bag, and plug it in before I even turn on my computer. The music has been a constant companion to me at my desk, providing just enough distraction that I can focus on actually getting things done.

I have an older iPod as well, a 30GB, the mate to Laura's. (We got them for each other on Valentine's Day in 2005 or 2006 or so.) It contains 140 songs (my 'gym mix') and 157 videos (mostly episodes of the animated Dungeons and Dragons, How I Met Your Mother, and Keen Eddie), and has kept me company at the gym, walking up the 29 flights of stairs to the coffee shop, mowing the lawn, and shoveling snow. Really, the music on there is the stuff that keeps me moving. And has been on there through a few computers, so I can't even update the iPod anymore without wiping it out and starting over.

So, Laura and Ben got me a new MP3 player for Father's Day - an FIIO X5 with removable memory cards. It's got 256GB of memory (with two cards in it). I've been copying music from my home library to it for the last couple nights, and this morning I have it plugged in and running. It's still indexing files (27,000 and counting), so it's not ready to play yet. Here's hoping...

It's a shame that it doesn't interface with iTunes, since that's the actual library part of my music library - I've cleaned up track names and classifications, marked certain songs to not play at work, and so on. So this is a new start.

And then! A week ago yesterday a few alert lights came up on the Prius' HUD. The manual said that any one of the lights required a trip to the dealer, so I deduced that four of them was probably a bad sign. Their analysis was that the hybrid battery had gone bad, as well as the catalytic converter. (We already knew about that part.) Total repair bill was just over $5K. After much conversation, I picked up the car on Tuesday evening and we took it to the VW dealer from which we bought Laura's 2008 Jetta a few years ago. We talked to the same sales guy and looked at leasing a 2015 Jetta. They offered us a little bit of money for the Prius as a downpayment, and we took the deal. Wednesday afternoon I went to the DMV to process license plate and title documentation, and Thursday night we finalized the deal. I'm now driving the 2008 Jetta, and Laura gets the new one. (She can only put 10K miles per year on it, which she can handle; I would do that in a few months.)

So, for as long as I've been in the Prius (2007, in fact, just like the iPod) I've been listening to XM (and now Sirius/XM). For a few days in the Jetta I listened to terrestrial radio and CDs, but it just wasn't the same. On Saturday I realized that we still had a subscription to XM, and that we were now paying for a radio in somebody else's car. And, even more, the Jetta had XM that we had never hooked up. So, I spent a few hours tracking down the transponder and serial number on the radio and getting it going; the catch is that the company has to send a signal and you have to have the radio turned on and set to the correct station in order to receive it. (You can call a phone number and have them re-send it, a process which they estimate will take up to 15 minutes.) I drove to Chicago with no music at all waiting for the signal, drove back with terrestrial radio, drove around on Sunday morning with no music, and drove to work on Monday in silence. Yesterday afternoon I finally got a signal, and now I have music in my car.

So, you see? It's all about sound.

Additional stuff: Border Skirmish was a lot of work and was very wet, but ultimately turned out okay. The weekend of July 10-12 is WW, as well as the opening of AlligatoR *and* Bristol; I'm currently planning to go to WW and then to work every weekend of Bristol. (Scott is only available the first and last weekend.) Other plans for the summer include Pennsic, and we're both planning to attend. Laura has a followup MRI this coming Friday, and we hope it goes better than the last one. I've been getting to the gym two or three times a week with Hamish, though he's moving soon and that may affect my motivation. (But, music!)

But music, indeed. Just crossed 31K songs. End of line.
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