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Trent the Uncatchable — LiveJournal

Trent the Uncatchable
Date: 2015-01-08 13:14
Subject: See How The Sparrow Flies!
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Music:Back Street Beach House Back In Business Blues
January is always a full month for us. This weekend is the first day of set-building for Cold (opens Valentine's Day weekend), it's 12th Night in Minneapolis (as well as the 40th Anniversary of Nordskogen), and Fighter's Symposium in the suburbs of Chicago. Oh, and plenty to do around the house should I decide to not do these other things. Sewing, armor repair, rearrange/clean the garage, touch up the paint in the bathroom... you know, stuff. Stuff I was planning to do *last* weekend, before I spent a day and a half knocked out by the ick. (I think I'm recovering. My cough might not agree.) But there's a meeting at 12th Night I should attend. So, weather permitting that's the plan; I'll decide tomorrow if I'm going to drive up Friday night and find a place to sleep or drive up Saturday morning. (The weather forecasts are not amazing for the next few days, including the one for here, and cough hack wheeze.)

Next weekend is 12th Night in Chicago and the Midwinter Gaming Convention, which will feature an SCA demo and a performance of Mechanical Man by DTC. And Laura's birthday. The weekend after that is a DTC meeting, and the last weekend is Tis But A Scratch in Jefferson.

And I didn't know about this for some reason: not only does Cats Laughing have a facebook page (it just never struck me to even look for it), they also have a kickstarter to hold a reunion concert at MiniCon 50. To which I have pledged money. They have nine days left. On their page is a link to The Enchantment, recorded at MiniCon in 1988, and I'm pretty sure I was there. I think I even danced to this song.

Anyway. Off to lunch. End of line.
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Trent the Uncatchable
Date: 2015-01-06 15:08
Subject: A Post
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Music:Alan Parsons Project: Paseo de Gracie
The last time I posted here was October 20, when Laura was in Pinawa visiting with her parents - we had gone up the first weekend in October because her mom had recently been admitted to the hospital and was waiting for a space to open at a nearby nursing home. I flew up that weekend (October 25) and we drove back over the next few days. Shortly after we returned to the states her mom was admitted to the nursing home.

workCollapse )

Laura's momCollapse )

ChristmasCollapse )

More workCollapse )

sickCollapse )

Laura comes home today. Finally. She might even be there now. Sometime in the next week or two we'll celebrate Ben's birthday and Christmas, and Laura's birthday is coming up in a few weeks. Joy and light and laughter.

This weekend is Nordskogen's 12th Night, as well as a much closer fighting event.

So, back where we started.
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Trent the Uncatchable
Date: 2014-10-20 10:39
Subject: Next couple weeks
Security: Public
On Friday I drove to Pinawa, a drive which Google thinks should take 14 hours but really takes more like 15. (Google doesn't stop for the bathroom.) I spent Saturday up there with Laura and her dad and Michael (her nephew), and we visited her mom in the hospital and had dinner at a Chinese place in Lac du Bonnet. On Sunday I drove home (which actually took closer to 14 hours).

Today I've already dropped off the rental car (Ben needed a car for the weekend to get to work, since both of ours were in Canada). I'm leaving shortly to take Sif to the vet and then coming back to work. I've got a few errands to run tonight. Tomorrow is Curia. Wednesday I'm dropping Maron's games off with him. Thursday I'm going to Statesville with the theater folks. Friday I'm hoping to sleep, but might go see Audience Annihilated. Saturday morning (early) I'm catching a flight to Winnipeg. And sometime over the course of the next week - when, incidentally, I will have little or no internet service - Laura and I will drive home.

So, don't burn the place down.

End or line.
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Trent the Uncatchable
Date: 2014-10-15 12:02
Subject: The last couple weeks, the next couple weeks
Security: Public
Music:Hank Hill: Teddy Bear
On Friday the 3rd Laura and I drove halfway to Pinawa. We encountered heavy, wet snowfall between Eau Claire and Duluth (roughly 140 miles, turning a two hour stretch of road into three and a half, and our hotel room was possibly the largest I've ever stayed in - easily double the size of a normal hotel room. On Saturday we got off to a slow start but eventually finished the drive, stopping at A&W in Steinbach for dinner and arriving at a relatively decent hour. On Sunday we went to the hospital to visit Laura's mom, who was not in great shape. And more on that later. That night we went to visit Les (Laura's brother), where we had a lovely dinner and played computer games. The next morning Laura took me to the airport and I flew to ORD and hit a snag - the flight control systems haven't recovered yet from the fire a couple weeks previous, and the bounce from ORD to MKE was three hours delayed. When a further delay was announced I called Ben and asked him to drive down and pick me up, which he did. We got home around the time my flight should have been leaving ORD.

Tuesday and Wednesday nights I went to Chicago to work on the play - I was working on a magic door, and it took longer than anticipated. Thursday night I stayed home to relax. Friday I drove to Fargo for Crown, spent Friday night learning my way around the city and eating dinner, and then went to the event on Saturday. Which was nice - I was beholden to no-one (though Jean and Katerina asked me to herald them in and be on-call as their chamberlain in case they won), and mostly hung out. After Court I joined a horde (Dave, Becky, Sophia, Liz, Miss Emily, Brian, Debbie, PattyAnne, Dale, and Xanthia) for dinner at Texas Roadhouse - and yes, we passed both Lone Star and Longhorn steakhouses to get there - and after dinner I started driving east. (When I discovered that NDSU Homecoming was jacking hotel prices up to almost double, I decided not to stay in town; I decided to either drive north to visit Laura in Pinawa for the night, or to drive east as far as I could and find a hotel, in either case driving home on Sunday. And I was tired and full of steak, so I figured I'd be better off driving east.) And I found a hotel in Sauk Centre, MN for the night.)

On Sunday I got up stupid early and finished the drive around 1 PM. Unpacked the car at home and re-packed for the theater, and did more driving. I got there just in time to help write cues, worked there for a few hours and came home. Where I actually unpacked, and did the Sunday night computer game thing. Laura and her dad had been planning to go to Les's for Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday and then spend the night there (and, in the process, get in on Sunday night computer games too), but she wasn't feeling well so stayed in Pinawa.

Monday and Tuesday of this week I've been at the theater. Tonight - Wednesday - I'm planning to stay home and relax. Tomorrow night maybe I can fight. And this weekend I'm going to Pinawa, either taking Friday or Monday off to do Friday=drive, Saturday=rest, Sunday=drive or Saturday=drive, Sunday=rest, Monday=drive. (And, somewhere along the way, sorting out a way for Ben to also have a car for the weekend.)

Plans for the future: next weekend (October 25ish) at some point I'll be flying back to Pinawa and spending a week or so there. Then Laura and I will drive back.

So, right. That's the plan. I wonder if I can stay well enough to make all this happen.

End of line.
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Trent the Uncatchable
Date: 2014-10-01 16:27
Subject: Champion
Security: Public
Music:Helloween: Lay All Your Love On Me
The weekend of the 20th was moderately eventful. I spent Saturday at Baronial Champions, a local SCA moot, where I fought in two heavy weapons tournaments and won one of them. I am now the local heavy weapons champion, so ... so there. Laura and I had been invited to a birthday party that night, but she wasn't feeling well so I went without her. And it was fun, and I was pretty tired when I got home. I spent Sunday at the theater preparing for Audience Annihilated 2.5, which mostly amounted to figuring out logistical problems and rearranging the seating and stage areas.

I spent Monday night running errands and shopping, including the purchase of a gas-powered weedwhacker. (The previous owners left an electric one in the garage, which I've used a few times; I thought it was time to be a grownup and acquire one with horsepower.) Tuesday night I did yard work and learned the benefits of an electric weedwhacker. No blood, though, so that's good. Wednesday night I skipped fighter's practice but I went on Thursday, which was mostly great weapons. I learned quite a bit. Friday night I met Maron in Grayslake for an exchange of board games.

Saturday we did an SCA demo at the Brookfield Public Library. I provided a table of games, and some folks from Fond du Lac came down to use them. (They provided another table and a half of their own games, so *that* worked out well.) And Murdoch, Ivar, Hamish and I fought heavy for the entertainment of the 100 or so people who came to see us. And we held two courts. And it was a nice day out, so that was good. Afterwards Hamish and I visited Dahrien to help him move some heavy pieces of furniture, and I picked up thai food for dinner.

Sunday was my first free day since June 21. I do a lot of different things, and they're my own choice; I volunteer to do things with the theater, with the SCA, and with the Ren Faire. Laura doesn't volunteer me to do things, and I don't have anyone to blame but myself. But from time to time it's nice to have no commitments for a day, to wake up without an alarm clock, and to generally relax. And I did so - I had an apple pancake for breakfast, I watched All Cheerleaders Die and Machete Kills, I did some yard work (cleaned up the mess I made with the weedwhacker on Wednesday), ran some errands (mostly groceries), and generally had a very nice day.

This week is one of cleaning and prep - Laura and I are driving up to Winnipeg on Friday night and Saturday and I'm flying home on Monday. (She's going up to visit her parents for a little while to help around the house; more on that will come from her.) And so like that.

And, right. Looks like my script is finished. End of line.
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Trent the Uncatchable
Date: 2014-09-19 11:51
Subject: Two weeks
Security: Public
Music:The Cramps: Lonesome Tom
Last week was busy, go figure. Monday and Wednesday nights were Opera rehearsal, which was actually great fun - I was on the same light board that I used at StOlaf, and it felt like coming home. My fingers even remembered where the buttons on the keypad were, and writing new cues was just a blast. Tuesday night I spent at home with Laura. Thursday was fighter's practice, which was okay but not fabulous. Friday night was the Opera, then a few hours of nap, then a very early morning drive to Rochester for Coronation. And then I drove home and slept for a few more hours before a matinee of the opera.

Coronation was good fun. I stood court as Mikey's backup herald - he's recovering from a cold and wasn't sure if he'd have enough voice for the whole court, so I stood by to tag in. I received a King and Queen's Cypher for my service, but more importantly I had a front row seat to see my friends receive their awards - Fiona got a Cygnus and a Cypher, Hamish got a Tyr, and Alinore and Damiano got Court Baronys. And, of course, Zig and Liz stepped down and Liz got a duchy. And Zig got Nunavut. And Vlad and Petranella are now King and Queen.

The opera went well - no missed cues, no unexpected cues. I have the music still in my head as earworms. The final performance will be lit by someone else, and I need to provide them with a light plot which I expect to finish today. So, there's that.

Monday night this week I relaxed at home. Tuesday was Curia, which was uneventful. Wednesday night I went to practice in Chicago, where I had quite a good time. I fought Lauren and a new fighter whose name I didn't catch, and Kith (who said I was showing improvement), and Seamus. Seamus asked what my plan was, and I declared that I expected to die the first couple passes 'cause I wasn't going to protect my head very well, but by the time I was too tired to fight I should be able to hit him once or twice. He gave me A Look, and informed me that we were going to turn, take five steps, count to three, and turn. And then we would approach and fight, and give each other our best fights. And we did, and it shook something loose in my head. (I mean, not like a concussion. I mean, it helped me focus.) And he still killed me twice before I killed him, but I stabbed him in the face. And it felt good.

Thursday night's practice wasn't as good. Only four of us put on armor - me, Tommy, Akira, and Amber. While I fought Tommy, who has far too much energy, I realized that I wasn't using my hips to throw shots *at all*. And once that was in my head I didn't do particularly well against anyone. I also decided that I was standing still too much, though I think I was moving my feet on Wednesday night. Maybe it's time to go back to buckler.

Tonight will likely be computers with my wife. Tomorrow is our Baronial Champions moot, and maybe I can work myself into a frenzy for it. (Better: maybe I can actually *warm up* before the tournament for a change.) Sunday is a day of building sets in Chicago.

Sigh. I was just cataloging the things I want to do before tomorrow's moot and idly scratching at an itch. Which is an armor bite on my tricep. Which hurts. And then another one, which is a blister on the back of my knee - I replaced a strap and haven't worked out just how tight the new one needs to be, and if it's not right then it forces a blister. *And* someone hit me in the back of the hand. Rrrr.

Right. End of line.
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Trent the Uncatchable
Date: 2014-09-19 11:00
Subject: Peter Joyner made Laurel at Pennsic 43
Security: Public
I'm in SCA Today!

Originally posted by scatoday at Peter Joyner made Laurel at Pennsic 43


Master Abelard die Elster reports that at Their camp at Pennsic 43, Their Majesties Siegfried and Elizabeth of the Kingdom of Northshield offered elevation to the Order of the Laurel to Peter Joyner.

read more

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Trent the Uncatchable
Date: 2014-09-04 16:32
Subject: Scattered With Roses
Security: Public
Music:Il Dolce Suono
This past weekend was closing weekend at Faire. I took some time off to wander with C and Jim on Sunday, and left an hour or so before close on Monday, but otherwise worked the whole three days. This week Ginger and Scott are packing things up and getting ready for the drive; Scott had a dentist appointment today which will probably prevent them from driving out before the weekend (which had been their goal).

Tuesday night I went to Chicago to watch an opera and prepare to light it. (Unfortunately, the space they're in doesn't offer much in the way of improvements without spending money; their future performance locations will need actual work from me or a reasonable substitute.) Wednesday night I skipped fighter's practice so I could go to bed early(ish), as I seem to have picked up a cold. Or at least a cough and sinus thing. (No, I didn't get too close to the actors on Tuesday.) Tonight I'm going to practice locally, but likely won't fight. Tomorrow night I have nothing planned, but we might do something with Scott and Ginger if they're in town. Saturday morning is a demo at the South Shore Farmer's Market, Sunday afternoon is an opera performance at Skokie Public Library. And next week it begins again.

The opera, incidentally, is Lucia di Lammermoor. Which contains the aria Il dolce suono, which you've all heard in The Fifth Element. Also, the performance is in Italian with English supertitles projected above the stage. It's quite good, really. Go see it.

And with that, end of line.
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Trent the Uncatchable
Date: 2014-08-28 16:06
Subject: Tatterdemalion
Security: Public
Music:KMFDM: Vogue
Monday night was errand night. And I caught up on some tv. Tuesday night Dahrien came over and we watched Toxic Avenger and Space Zombie Bingo before he left for work.

Last night I went to Chicago for fighter's practice. The evening had been deemed 'make swords and fight' night, so nobody was in armor yet when I arrived at 7:30. I fought only white belts - Master Einar, Sir Thomas, and Sir Dru. Or whatever he's calling himself now that he's a knight. A couple other folks put in armor over the course of the night, but I didn't get a chance to fight them. I don't think I fought terribly well, but I got some nice bruises out of it.

Tonight is fighting again. Tomorrow morning I'm hoping to get up early to try a new donut place. Tomorrow night I'm going to try to get some rest. Saturday, Sunday, and Monday are Faire. In addition, Sunday morning we're going to shoot for Frank's Diner for breakfast.

Happy Labor Day! End of line.
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Trent the Uncatchable
Date: 2014-08-25 14:26
Subject: Roadblock
Security: Public
Music:Joe Jackson: My House
My livejournal has a floating archived post about my Pelican ceremony which is now a few weeks old (and still isn't finished), so new posts become a jiggery-pokey dance. I mean, summer is typically a time with fewer posts for me, but ... anyway, sorry about the radio silence.

Honestly, it's not just about that perpetual post, it's about lacking focus. Because I'm not getting enough sleep, and that makes it harder to *do* stuff. And I have to do all the stuff. And for the nine-week run of Faire I don't have days off, and that's also hard. And since I'm still trying to do everything - that is, watch all of my tv shows, visit two fighter's practices per week, theater, Faire, and spend time with my family - I'm not getting much more than six hours of sleep a night (and typically fewer). And of *course* I'm not eating healthier or getting any more exercise, because who has the energy? And it adds up. And yes, I did take time off for WW and Pennsic - but those were also times of fairly constant activity. (My general Pennsic summary: Get out of bed by 7, breakfast, armor for muster at Northshield camp or on the battlefield by 9 or 9:30, fight until 2 or 3, rest a little, walk to Northshield camp to be helpful, end up at the bottom of the hill after dark and go to bed around midnight. It was *fun* and I had a great time, but I was also on my feet for much of the week. Which hurt. WW was similar but without the fighting.) No, Ginger and Scott are not ogres who strap me to the booth; I *like* working Faire. That's just the trade-off.

And you know, my feet aren't that bad if I keep moving. When I'm walking, I'm fine. It's the *standing* that gets to me.

So, right. Next weekend Faire closes. Scott and Ginger said that they're going to try to get out of town before the following weekend (which is good for me, because there's a fighting demo the morning of September 6). And that afternoon I'll relax.

This week: Tonight is shopping and errands and chores. Tomorrow night Dahrien's coming over to watch Toxic Avenger. Wednesday night is fighting in Chicago. Thursday night is fighting in Milwaukee. Friday night is undetermined. Saturday, Sunday, and Monday is Faire.

Also, so I have it written down somewhere: September 6: Farmer's Market Demo. September 13: Coronation. September 20: Baronial Championships. September 27: Brookfield Library Demo. October 4: Brewing & Vintning Symposium. October 11: Crown Tournament.
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